Attendance and Punctuality

At The Academy Selsey we affirm that a high attendance will have a positive affect on achieving the best exam results possible. Therefore we use a daily text system, whereby  parents and carers of students who have not arrived at school, and for whom we have had no reason for absence, are sent a text message detailing that their child has not turned up for school as expected.   It is vital that parents communicate with The Academy regarding all reasons for absence so that we can authorise the absence accordingly and offer advice and support.  Please phone The Academy as soon as possible on the first day of absence on the dedicated attendance line: 01243 608955

High attendance is a key factor in achieving the best possible exam results.  For some interesting facts relating to attendance see below

Did You Know?

  • 1 day absent in 2 weeks = 90% overall attendance

  • 1 day absent every week = 80% overall attendance

  • 1 weeks holiday = minus 2.5% overall attendance

  • 2 weeks holiday = minus 5% overall attendance

  • If your attendance was 90% from reception through to Year 11 you would have missed a whole year of school!

Every half term we calculate the percentage of Whole School, Year Group and Form Group attendance and award a certificate to the form group with the highest attendance for that period.

To view "Attendance matters" please download it here

To view "Your child's attendance matters" please download it here