Examination Results 2018 2019

The following are the key results for the students who completed GCSE exams in Summer 2019

Progress 8 Score -0.58
Attainment 8 Score 39.7

Percentage of pupils who've achieved 9 to 5 including English and Maths


Percentage of pupils entered for the EBACC 18.7%

Percentage of pupils who've achieved the English Baccalaureate


Department for Education Performance Tables

The pupil premium at The Academy, Selsey is focused on improving young people’s life chances through the enhancement of their literacy and numeracy skills at Key Stage 3. The provision of additional specialist intervention teachers, information technology and intensive support work are all mechanisms by which these skills are developed.

The promotion of these literacy and numeracy skills through high quality, targeted and specialist intervention ensures that students are not only successful in English and Maths but have the opportunity to engage fully with a broad and enriching curriculum. The focus on literacy and numeracy support for these students continues through into key stage 4, with the primary aim for all students being to ensure that they are effectively prepared for the next phase of their education.