ICT & Business Studies

2 172 sWelcome to ICT/Business Studies

ICT/Business Studies is a cornerstone of modern life, whether at home, work of school. We are surrounded by a vast array of new technology which allows us to communicate, work and live in a way that our parents could never imagine and preparing our students for this technological lifestyle is the key aim of the ICT/Business Studies department.

We offer students the chance to develop their working knowledge of ICT as well as developing their skills in a wide range of professional packages and programmes. With access to over 120 machines across the school; a ratio of 1 machine to every 3 students, we are able to give students the access to ICT across the whole curriculum, making ICT skills truly transferable skills.

In Business students learn about entrepreneurship and life skills, understanding finance and management, bot of themselves and others. Team work is a main focus and students will have the chance to work with each other in a range of tasks and exercises.

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Year 11 ICT

Year 10 Business Studies

Year 11 Business Studies