Welcome to the Physical Education Department here at The Academy, Selsey. We strive to provide our students with a vast array of sports and activities, with the primary aim of creating lifelong movers who enjoy participating in physical activity. We want our students to leave The Academy loving sport and being skilled and confident enough to continuing being involved throughout their lives.

Years 7, 8 and 9

In years 7-9, we look at a wide variety of sports and activities, covering all of the components that make up Sport and Physical Education. Each year follow the same plan, but with each year, building on skills and qualities the students will have developed.

Autumn Term; Team Games

In mixed classes, students will study what it means to be part of a team, how to perform the skills and techniques relevant to sports, the tactical requirements for each sport, and develop their fitness levels and understanding in order to make them more effective in that sport. This unit is brought to an end with formal extra-curricular fixtures between groups, where students are able to apply all the skills they have developed in a competitive environment. The sports covered in this unit includes Rugby, Netball, Basketball and Football.

Spring Term; Aesthetics and Net games

All of our students complete units of work in Dance and Gymnastics, as these teach valuable skills to all lifelong movers. Student’s skills in creativity, appreciation, movement control, analytical observation and critical feedback are developed, as well as vital fitness components such as strength, balance and flexibility. Examples of dance units covered include Street and Break Dance, Bhangra Dance and creating dance based of a stimulus.

Net games such as Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis and Volleyball push student’s skills of co-ordination, timing, control of power and accuracy to the maximum. These can also be experienced as individual or team activities, giving students the opportunity to be more responsible for their own development and appreciate the difference demands of team v individual sport.

Summer Term; Athletics and striking and fielding.

In the summer, we look at how we can push our bodies to perform at its maximum level. Through Athletics, we look at how to improve technique, develop fitness levels, and analyse performance in order to go higher, longer and faster.

Student’s skills of co-ordination and accuracy are developed through performance in Cricket, Rounders, Softball and Stoolball. These activities also allow students to further develop skills of teamwork, leadership, tactical understanding and technical application.

Assessment of the students in these years is through three key concepts that are central to success in sport and physical activity;

  • Performance and Knowledge of the sport; being able to perform and apply key techniques, tactics, rules and fitness demands of the sport in competition
  • Leadership skills; Demonstrate skills and qualities of a leader including organising the team, motivating others, planning strategies, coaching and offering constructive feedback.
  • Develop and maintain high levels of fitness; Understand the different components of fitness and their relevance to sport, how to measure and assess fitness and the importance of the information, and know how to develop each component with suitable training methods

Extra Curricular Sport

We provide an extensive list of opportunities for students to continue their development at Extra-Curricular activities. These are available every lunchtime, and every evening Tuesday-Friday until 4pm. The activities available are seasonal, and either allow students to deepen and develop their skills in activities, or offers the chance for students to broaden their experience of sports.

Regular visits to professional sport competitions are also available for students to increase their understanding and appreciation of sport at the elite level. Previously these have included Basketball league finals, International Rugby and County cricket. In addition to these, we are going to be increasing our experiences by going to the Women’s FA cup final and to watch Surrey Storm play in the Netball Superleague.

Teams in football and rugby are available for students to join, where league fixtures are organised against schools in the area. Fixtures in other sports will be arranged in accordance with interest. Inter-House sports competitions run regularly, with two sports days, swimming gala and termly fixtures within year groups.