PSHE & Citizenship

PSHE & Citizenship


Personal Development encompasses the elements of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) with Careers Education, Work Related Learning, Enterprise and Religious Education.

This will include modules such as Sex Education, Drug Education, Financial Capability and preparation for Post 16 Education/Employment.

Autumn Term

Year 7- Managing Transition and New Surroundings The key to this scheme of work is to encourage the Year 7 students to consider themselves a part of a much wider community and to think about the journey that they are going to take through secondary school. They also need to focus on making new friendships and looking out for the other students in their tutor group, trying to make sure that no one feels left out or unhappy in school. One of the key parts of the whole year 7 PSHE scheme is the idea of setting targets and goals and encouraging the students to work towards them.

Year 8 Aut 1- Spending and Saving, Consumer Rights and Responsibilities This term is focused on money and finance skills. One of the most important aspects of PSHEE education is the economic aspect. OFSTED and the DFES have both identified money and finance as being an area which is least focused on in PSHE and Citizenship education. It is also vital that students learn about responsible financial skills from an early age. Hopefully, by starting money and finance skills education early, students will be able to increase their aspirations and begin creating ambitions for the future.

Year 8 Aut 2 - Bullying, stereotypes and diversity The concept behind this term’s scheme is to recap with students how bullying can affect people and the community around them. We need to explain to students how a small issue can really get out of control when it isn’t dealt with properly and remind them that even a small comment can hurt another person’s feelings. This unit will also help to develop student’s confidence to speak and share ideas with their class.

Year 9 Aut 1- PSRE (Personal Social Religious Education) Healthy Lifestyle This term is focused on the idea of creating a healthy lifestyle for our year 9s.The 2014 national curriculum specifically targets healthy eating. We are constantly bombarded with information that children in the UK are becoming obese and as a result we need to target this. We need to show them when it is appropriate to drink energy drinks (not first thing in the morning) and the long term effects of smoking and alcohol use.

Year 9 Aut 2- PSRE Medical Ethics This unit will focus on discussing some of the ethical choices that might be presented to students during their lives. The lessons will contain embedded Religious Education that will allow students to understand how their thoughts would be different if they were religious. This unit will develop student’s understanding of the Fundamental British Values of Mutual Respect and Tolerance of Faith and Beleifs.





Spring Term

Year 7- Relationships with Self and Others The concept behind this term’s scheme is to ensure that the students begin to respect and value each other as a part of a community. In order to do this we need to consider the effects of bullying, of respect, of stereotyping and of diversity. It is important that they understand that a community is a group of individuals who all have something in common and that from this we can therefore begin to appreciate each other.

Year 8 SPR 1- Healthy Relationships This topic focuses on what a good relationship should look like. Students will learn what makes a healthy relationship. Additionally, students will be reminded and refocused to what healthy home relationships are like too. This topic will look at family life but also how to not lose control of your emotions in arguments and how to calmly deal with confrontation.

Year 8 SPR 2- Elections and Political Parties The concept of the subject is that by the end of the term the students will understand what parliament is, what political parties exist, how elections work and whether they are fair. The unit will also allow students to develop their understanding to the Fundamental British Value of Democracy.

Year 9 SPR 1- PSRE Careers and Options Guidance This unit will investigate the world of work and the skills and qualities that students will need  to develop in order to have a successful working life. The lessons are designed to assist the students with their GCSE options choices and provide them with a more detailed goal to focus on throughout KS4.

Year 9 SPR 2- PSRE Sex and Relationship Education The theme behind this term is the idea of encouraging our students to begin to define what is healthy and what is unhealthy in a relationship. It is vital that we make sure that our students are aware of the fact that they have rights and responsibilities in any relationship and that these are things that they should respect and that should be respected. This unit will also cover the statutory SRE element of the National Curriculum including contraception and STI’s throughout the course there will also be elements where students will be able to discuss the views of different religions on this subject.

Summer Term

Year 7- Personal Safety This unit will focus on ensuring that Year 7 students are as safe as possible in their everyday lives. They will develop the confidence to challenge risky behaviour amongst their peers. Summer is approaching and it is important to make sure that our year 7s return to us in year 8 all in one piece. Additionally, they are going to be starting to use social media and other forms of electronic communication and it is therefore important for them to understand some of the hazards out there. It is important to remember that this isn’t about stopping them from having fun, but encouraging them to be safe while they are out and about during summer

Year 8 Sum 1- Britain’s Place in the world This topic is designed to educate students about Britain’s wider role in the World. They need to learn about the functions of the EU, The Commonwealth and The UN. Students regularly watch the news and are aware of the fact that we are involved in conflicts around the world, the unit requires them to explain what the EU is, why the Commonwealth and UN exist and why we are a part of NATO.

Year 8 Sum 2- Crime and Punishment This unit is designed to educate the students about Crimes and how this country punishes people, it will focus on the age of criminal responsibility and will investigate the UK’s Judicial system. The unit will play an large role in educating the students about the Fundamental British Value of The Rule of Law.


Year 9 Spr 1- PSRE Drugs Education This unit will investigate what drugs are and why people use them. It will discuss the social and economic impact that they can have. There will be a detailed focus on the long and short term health implications of drug use. Students will learn about the laws surrounding drugs and they will have an opportunity to understand different religious views about drugs.

Year 9 Spr 1- PSRE Human Rights The focus for this term is human rights. Students will learn why human rights are important, why they exist and why we should respect other people’s human rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was created in 1948 in a direct response to the Holocaust. In 1999 the UK created the Human Rights Act which entrenched Human Rights in to UK law. There is also a Universal Declaration of Children’s Rights, which was created in the early 1980s.




In Key Stage 3 assessments will take form of practical tasks which are designed to inform future students how to be a successful and valued member of society. There will be opportunity for students to present their ideas in order to develop confidence in speaking to both peers and adults.

During Key Stage 4 your Record of Achievement portfolio, which includes your Personal Statement and your Curriculum Vitae, will be seen by colleges or your future employer.


The skills and knowledge that you gain in Personal Development are all chosen because they will help your learning in other subjects and prepare you for life after leaving school. You will learn practical life skills, from relationships to career choices. You will also learn how to debate and listen to others.  This subject will support and guide you through Key Stage 4 and help you with those big decisions you will be making about your future.


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