Academy Volunteers

At The Academy, Selsey we are keen to encourage students to volunteer to support a range of activities.  Through volunteering, they not only support the school community but learn a number of skills that will be of benefit to them as they become responsible adult citizens.

The School Council

Throughout the school year the school council meets to promote the student voice and share their ideas.  They also support the school recruitment process by leading school tours and by interviewing candidates. 

Senior Students

Our senior students do a fantastic job of supporting the staff on a daily basis.  They have a wide range of responsibilities and set a great example to others by their commitment and hard work not just during the school day but also at regular evening events. 

Open Evening Support

Students from all years are always keen to help at our Open Evening – they are rightly proud of their school and we are proud of them.  Year 10 students always support staff at the year 9 Options Fair but this year they also ran a student only event so that the year 9s could get the student view of the different courses on offer.


This year, those students with a flair for cooking have worked alongside Miss Watts preparing tasty nibbles for special events.  At the Year 11 Presentation Evening they were ably supported by a team of student council waiters, who served a delicious range of titbits. 

Games Club

Games club runs every break and lunch time in the learning support centre and this is only possible because of the commitment shown by the student leaders.


Our student librarians work through lunch alongside the school librarian. 

Peer Mentoring

Our year 9 reading mentors support the year 7s with their reading three mornings a week in the library.  This is a long running programme that has proven academic and social benefits for our younger students.

Year 9 mentors also support the year 6s when they come to visit the school and some have already offered to be peer mentors next year.  

Our sports leaders work superbly alongside the PE staff supporting them in the running of events.  We also have a fabulous group of key stage four students who have demonstrated great initiative and leadership by setting up and running a very successful dance club and a drama group for the younger students.