Welcome to the numeracy section of the website of The Academy, Selsey. Here you will find a selection of mathematical puzzles, problems and challenges suited to all abilities which are designed to amuse, engage and stretch your understanding of mathematics in its many different forms.

Each page will stay live on the site while it remains unsolved. You can submit as many entries to each problem as you like and everyone who submits a possible solution will receive positive passport points. The sender of the first correct entry to each page will receive additional passport points along with a small prize. All entries must be submitted in writing and include a full explanation of how you reached your answer. Make sure your name and form is shown on every page you submit along with the title of the problem.

Entries can be handed directly to any member of the maths team (Mr T Garfield, Mr E Mitchell, Mr M Kyrillou and Mrs E Burge), who will also be able to provide you with any additional equipment you may need (e.g. squared or dotted paper).

Good luck to you all!

The Maths Team

Spring 2016


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