Senior Students

The Senior Students student’s within The Academy, Selsey are those students who epitomise “Pride in Excellence”, students who throughout their time at the Academy have always ensured that they have excelled through their learning, attitude and contribution to the Academy. Students apply to become senior students and are voted through to the final stages by their peers and staff to attend the interview process involving the Head teacher and senior staff

After applying and successfully interviewed the successful students take on extra responsibilities including administrative tasks within the office, assemblies, running the school shop and helping run parents evening , by doing this they portray the very best of The Academy, Selsey.  Becoming a senior student is a huge responsibility, which will be an asset for them in the future.

In addition, Senior Students take on specific responsibilities, beyond the standard duties, that will allow them to develop the Academy. This is an important role within the school, which requires them to act as a role model for other students in terms of behaviour, attitude and uniform.  Areas that the Academy is trying to develop at present include:

Learning Mentors

A group which will promote the effective learning process to younger students. Working with teachers they will research and prepare materials that can be delivered in tutor time that will demonstrate how to learn effectively. They will provide support for individuals that are finding difficulty in the learning process, within class, with homework and revision.

Raising Aspirations

The aim of this group is to focus younger students on the potential that the academy can provide through an effective education.

Student Voice

Establishing where the academy needs to improve through liaison with the student council and the general student body. Attend meetings with TLC groups to discuss their findings and develop strategies towards student engagement.

Student Relationships

Promoting positive relationship amongst students, assisting in solving low level issues by researching and creating activities for delivery in tutor time. Be available to students as a point of contact for solving issues.

Pride in the Academy

To investigate and share good news stories promoting the academy to the student body. Contribute to the Academy Standard. Organise a wide variety of events for the students.