Year 7

Year 7 Curriculum Plan – Art

Curriculum Area: Art


Overview of Course Content

Description of activities


During the year 7 course students will develop a range of skills including:

  • Drawing, mixed media  and 2D work
  • Exploring formal elements of art 
  • Research and analysis of a range of artists
  • Developing an idea from a starting point using contextual references
  • Presentation of work
  • Creating individual and creative responses to a theme


Half Term


Overview of assessment

Autumn 1


First project:

Students will be introduced to tone, form, line and mark making using pencil, pen and wire through the observational piece of work based in shoes.


Second Project:

Students will go through colour theory and pattern by researching Pattern based artists to develop skills using a range of materials used commonly in art.  Supportive artist Beatrice Milhaze, Kandinsky, and Naomi Ocean using materials such as colour pencil, oil pastel and water colour.



Assessment task

Produce a tonal and line drawing of a shoe.


Assessment task


Working in the style of an artist


Produce a piece of work in the style of Milhaze using watercolours.


Autumn 2



Students learn how to produce repeated prints and develop and plan ideas for a final pattern design. Students are shown repetition, rotation and reflection of patterns to further ideas.

Students produce their final response using their planning and research.

Assessment task


Produce a final pattern inspired piece


Create a repeated, rotated, reflected print using your own design.

Spring 1

Third Project begins:

Students will develop skills in composition composing an interesting still life as well as refining skills using pencil and develop skills using collage. Supportive artist M.C Escher and Derek Gores will be studied and techniques will be used to refine their still life using materials such as pencil, oil pastel and collage.


Assessment task


Create a tonal study of everyday objects based on skills learnt from M.C Escher



Spring 2

Students will use skills learnt at start of project to set up and create a still life study using tonal skills and collage to produce a large scale piece.

Assessment task


Create a still life study of everyday objects


Produce an overlapping drawing of everyday objects.  

Summer 1

Fourth Project:

Students go through Space and Colour Theory through extension to still life study. Creating negative space studies exploring cool, warm and neutral colours.


Fifth Project:

Observational drawing skills are developed as students learn how to accurately draw a portrait through a self-portrait study.


Assessment task


Create a self portrait


Produce a self-portrait using the correct proportions.


Summer 2

Students plan and develop idea for their self-portrait piece based on artist Chuck Close.

Students produce final response to Portrait project.

Assessment task


Working in the style of an artist


Produce a portrait in the style of Chuck Close.


Assessment task


Written/ Practical exam overviewing skills and knowledge from year