Year 11 ICT

Description of activities

This course will develop the student’s understanding of ICT and the impact it has on different areas of society. They will learn to build complex databases, how computers work, how it impacts on society and the ICT development cycle.

Learning will be assessed through:


Unit B062 – Practical Application of ICT – coursework unit worth 30% of the final grade.

Unit B064 – Creative use of ICT. - coursework unit worth 30% of the final grade.

Controlled assessment, deadlines and examination


Topics Covered and Controlled Assessment  Dates

Year 11

Autumn 1st half term

Students learn about the effects of ICT on society and the advantages and disadvantages it brings. They learn the key components of networks and systems and how different software packages work.

Autumn 2nd half term

Students learn about specialist software and how it is used in  specific situations. They will also learn about the different network topologies and how to plan and instigate an ICT project.

Spring 1st half term

Students learn about managing ICT and its uses in different contexts, specifically meeting the needs of the range of ICT legislation.

Spring 2nd half term

Students continue to  develop their knowledge and understanding of theoretical content of the course ready for the summer using the pre release material.

Summer 1st half term

Revision and final preparations for submission of work.

Summer 2nd half term


Controlled assessment/Coursework

This will be taken from a range of set tasks made available by the exam board. This will make up 30% of the final grade.

Tasks are made available by the board during the summer term.

Revision Sites:


Apps to support subject:

Planned Support:

Students can work in Room 28,  every lunchtime. They can also stay after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for individual or group support. There is also the opportunity to email for support on mtymon@theacademyselsey-tkat.org.