Year 11 Business Studies

Description of activities


This course is designed to give students an insight into the structures and operations of businesses, including the internal and external influences on how the business world works. It covers everything from setting up a business to exchange rates and demand and supply. In year 11 students delve deeper into the external world of businesses and finance.



Controlled assessment, deadlines and examination


Topics Covered and Controlled Assessment  Dates

Year 11

Autumn 1st half term

Students have the oppotunity to look at business finance, including sources of finance, break even and  cash flow.

Autumn 2nd half term

Students continue to look at finance in terms of the larger world, with exchange rates, the influence of international trading and the economic theory behind government decisions.

Spring 1st half term

Students learn about production methods and efficiencies, including economies of scale and types of production.

Spring 2nd half term

Students look at the interdependence of business, investigating how each area of business depends on each other for the business to be successful.

Summer 1st half term

Students analyse and practice past exam papers in order to hone the exam techniques that will allow them to access the top marks.

Summer 2nd half term


Controlled assessment/Coursework




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Students can work in Room 22 every  day after school. They can also stay after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for individual or group support. There is also the opportunity to email for support on mtymon@tas-tkat.org.