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Year 10 Combined

Year 10 Curriculum Plan – Combined Science Trilogy GCSE


Overview of Course Content:


Combined Science is similar to the previous Core and Additional Science GCSEs, and a double award: equivalent to two GCSEs.


Learning will be assessed by:


There are six papers at the end of Year 11: two Biology, two Chemistry and two Physics. Each of the papers will assess knowledge and understanding from distinct topic areas.


How each paper is assessed:

Written exam: 1 hour 15 minutes

Foundation and Higher Tier

70 marks

16.7% of GCSE

Questions: Multiple choice, structured, closed short answer, and open response.


Controlled assessment/Coursework:


 There will be no coursework or controlled assessment


Websites to support learning: (Students need to look at the AQA topics) (Students will be able to look at the specification for each subject and past exam papers)


Planned Support:


Revision guides will be available for purchase. If any further information is required please contact Mrs Janine Sedgwick, Head of Science:


Home learning is set on or paper copies are available if required.



Half term



Autumn 1


Cell Biology


For each topic students will complete an extended writing task, one or more set required practical tasks, a maths skills lesson and an end of module test to assess progress.


Autumn 2


Atomic Structure & the Periodic Table

Structure, Bonding and Properties of Matter

Chemical Quantities & Calculations

Spring 1




Spring 2


Moving & Changing Materials

Health Matters

Summer 1


Chemical Changes

Energy Changes

The Rate & Extent of Chemical Change

Summer 2


Particle Model of Matter

Atomic Structure