Year 11

Year 11 Curriculum Plan – GCSE Spanish

Curriculum Area: Modern Foreign Languages

Examination Specification:  AQA (8698)

Overview of Course Content

This course will develop a student’s skill at:

  • Listening to spoken Spanish  by native speakers
  • Speaking and presenting in Spanish
  • Reading authentic texts in Spanish
  • Writing in a variety a styles in Spanish
  • Developing translation skills from Spanish into English and vice versa


During year 11 students will work on the following topic areas:

  • The environment
  • Charity / voluntary work
  • Career choices and ambitions
  • Social media and mobile technology
  • Poverty / homelessness
  • Revision of key themes from years 10 and 11


Students will work towards four exams which will take place at the end of year 11:


  • Listening exam: 35 minutes (foundation tier), 45 minutes (higher tier); 40 marks (foundation tier), 50 marks (higher tier); 25% of GCSE


  • Speaking exam: three types of spoken assessments: role-play, photo card, general conversation; 7-9 minutes (foundation tier) + preparation time or 10-12 minutes (higher tier) + preparation time; 60 marks (both tiers); 25% of GCSE


  • Reading exam: 45 minutes (foundation tier), 1 hour (higher tier); 60 marks (both tiers); 25% of GCSE


  • Writing exam: 1 hour (foundation tier), 1 hour 15 minutes (higher tier); 50 marks (foundation tier), 60 marks (higher tier); 25% of GCSE


Students will complete end-of-unit skills tests throughout the two years in preparation for the final exams, as well as mock exams during year 11.


Half Term


Overview of Assessments

Autumn 1

The environment

Charity / volunteer work

End of module assessments

Autumn 2

Career choices and ambitions


Mock examinations / assessments

Spring 1

Social media and mobile technology

End of module assessments

Spring 2

Poverty / homelessness


End of module assessments

Summer 1

Revision of all topics


Exams – date TBC

Summer 2

Study leave


Exams – date TBC