Year 7 PSRE

Year 7 Curriculum Plan – Personal, Social and Religious Education (PSRE)

Curriculum Area: Humanities: PSRE

National Curriculum 2014

Overview of Course Content

During Year 7 PSRE lessons  the units of study will develop a student’s understanding of the following areas:

  • Managing Transition

-Skills for success in secondary school, working well with others, developing thinking skills, independence and organisation.

  • New Relationships

-Developing relationships with family, friends and people within our community.

  • Personal safety

-Identifying how to remain safe online and on the roads. Identifying why young people take risks and developing skills to challenge those who do.



Overview of course content

Overview of assessment

Autumn 1

Managing Transition

This unit focuses on developing the skills that will ensure that new Year 7s will be best prepared for success in their secondary education.



Title: How can you succeed in Year 7?


Extended writing/Creating a pamphlet for future Year 7 students



New Relationships

This unit will focus on developing the skills that allow us to form positive relationships with people from all walks of life.


Title: How can we prevent Bullying form taking place?


Extended writing



Personal Safety

This unit will focus on ensuring that Year 7 students are as safe as possible in their everyday lives. They will develop the confidence to challenge risky behaviour amongst their peers.




Title: How can young people stay safe?



Creating  leaflet to offer advice to other young people