Year 8 PSRE

Year 8 Curriculum Plan – Personal, Social and Religious Education (PSRE)

Curriculum Area: Humanities: PSRE

National Curriculum 2014

Overview of Course Content

During Year  PSRE lessons  the units of study will develop a student’s understanding of the following areas:

  • Spending and Saving, Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

–How do we make money? How can we spend money? How can we protect ourselves?

  • Bullying, stereotypes and diversity

-Bullying, types of abuse, Cyber Bullying and understanding how our behaviour can affect other people

  • Healthy Relationships

-What is a relationship? How can we form positive relationships? How can we resolve conflict?

  • Elections and Political Parties

-What is Parliament? Who are the main political parties? How do they affect our lives?

  • Britain’s Place in the world

-How does Britain interact with other countries in the world? What is the EU? What is the UN? What is NATO?

  • Crime and Punishment

-What is the age of Criminal Responsibility? What laws affect young people? How does the British Judicial System work?


Overview of course content

Overview of assessment

Autumn 1  

Spending and Saving, Consumer Rights and Responsibilities This term is focused on money and finance skills. One of the most important aspects of PSHE education is the economic aspect. Hopefully, by starting money and finance skills education early, students will be able to increase their aspirations and begin creating ambitions for the future.

Title: How can we manage our money effectively?


Extended writing providing advice to other young people


Autumn 2

Bullying, stereotypes and diversity The concept behind this term’s scheme is to recap with students how bullying can affect people and the community around them.

Title: How can we prevent Bullying among young people?


Advice leaflet aimed at young people to display their understanding of the topic.

Spring 1

Healthy Relationships

This topic focuses on what a good relationship should look like. Students will learn what makes a healthy relationship. Additionally, students will be reminded and refocused to what healthy home relationships are like too.

Title: How can we maintain healthy relationships with others?


Extended writing


Spring 2

Elections and Political Parties The concept of the subject is that by the end of the term the students will understand what parliament is, what political parties exist, how elections work and whether they are fair.

Title: What is Parliament and how does it work?

Exam style test

Summer 1

Britain’s Place in the world This topic is designed to educate students about Britain’s wider role in the World. They need to learn about the functions of the EU, The Commonwealth and The UN.

Title: How does Britain interact with the wider world?


Exam Style test


Summer 2

Crime and Punishment This unit is designed to educate the students about Crimes and how this country punishes people, it will focus on the age of criminal responsibility and will investigate the UK’s Judicial system.

Title: How does the law apply to young people?


Extended writing task