Year 9 PSRE

Year 9 Curriculum Plan – Personal, Social and Religious Education (PSRE)

Curriculum Area: Humanities: PSRE

National Curriculum 2014

Overview of Course Content

During Year 9 PSRE lessons  the units of study will develop a student’s understanding of the following areas:

  • Living a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Medical Ethics
  • Careers and options guidance
  • Sex and relationship education including the views of different religious groups
  • Drugs education including the views of different religious groups
  • Human Rights.



Overview of course content

Overview of assessment

Autumn 1

Living a healthy and active lifestyle This term is focused on the idea of creating a healthy lifestyle for our year 9s.The 2014 national curriculum specifically targets healthy eating. We are constantly bombarded with information that children in the UK are becoming obese and as a result this unit will target this

Title: How can maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle benefit your future?


Extended writing


Autumn 2

Medical Ethics This unit will focus on discussing some of the ethical choices that might be presented to students during their lives. The lessons will contain embedded Religious Education that will allow students to understand how their thoughts would be different if they were religious.

Title: Can abortion be morally justified?

Extended writing


Spring 1

Careers and Options Guidance

This unit will investigate the world of work and the skills and qualities that students will need to develop in order to have a successful working life.

Title: Career Plan-How will my options choices help me towards my chosen career?

Extended writing



Spring 2

Sex and relationship education The theme behind this term is the idea of encouraging our students to begin to define what is healthy and what is unhealthy in a relationship. This unit will also cover the statutory SRE element of the National Curriculum including contraception and STI’s

Title: Why do different religions believe that Sex should only take place within marriage?

Extended writing


Summer 1

Drugs Education This unit will investigate what drugs are and why people use them. It will discuss the social and economic impact that they can have. There will be a detailed focus on the long and short term health implications of drug use. Students will learn about the laws surrounding drugs and they will have an opportunity to understand different religious views about drugs.

Title: Should all drugs be legalised?


Extended writing


Summer 2

Human Rights The focus for this term is human rights. Students will learn why human rights are important, why they exist and why we should respect other people’s human rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was created in 1948 in a direct response to the Holocaust. There is also a Universal Declaration of Children’s Rights, which was created in the early 1980s.


Title: Why do we have Human Rights?

Extended writing