Year 11 Sport BTEC

Subject: Sport BTEC

Description of activities


This course will develop a student’s understanding of the following areas:


  • Know about the components of fitness and the principles of training.
  • Why fitness components are important for successful participation.
  • Understand the rules, regulations and scoring systems for selected sports.
  • Practically demonstrate skills, techniques and tactics in selected sports.
  • Be able to review sports performance.
  • Assess their own fitness demands and their current level of fitness
  • Design, implement and evaluate a 6-week fitness training programme.
  • Explain the attributes, qualities and responsibilities of successful leaders
  • Plan and deliver a successful sports activity
  • Evaluate their effectiveness at being a leader in sport and make recommendations for the future.

Learning will be assessed by:

  • Unit 1 – Fitness for Exercise and Sports – External Examination
  • Unit 2 – Practical sports Performance – Assignment based. 2 written assignments, 1 practically assess by the teacher
  • Unit 5 – Training for personal fitness – Assignment based. 3 written assignments complimented by the completion of their fitness programme.
  • Unit 6 – Leading sports activities – Assignment based. 3 written assignments accompanied with the students coaching session.

Controlled assessment, deadlines and examination


Topics Covered and Controlled Assessment  Dates

Year 11

Autumn 1st half term

Unit 6 – Leading Sports Activities

Define and Explain the attributes, qualities and responsibilities of successful leaders.

Compare and Contrast 2 successful leaders attributes.

Autumn 2nd half term

Plan and delivery a successful sports activity session.

Review planning and delivery of session as a leader, creating action plan for future development.

Spring 1st half term

Unit 5 – Training for personal fitness

Assess and evaluate personal fitness requirements and levels.

Design a 6-week fitness plan tailored to personal fitness levels and requirements.

Spring 2nd half term

Implement 6-week training programme, recording progress.

Evaluate implementation of training plan and make recommendations of how to make further improvements.


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Course books will be available for purchase.


Planned Support:


Support is available after school by arrangement with Mr Butler or Miss Goss or via email to either teacher who will be happy to respond to any queries sent to –

hbutler@theacademyselsey-tkat.org  or  jgoss@theacademyselsey-tkat.org