Out of The Ashes Project



Arts Dream are delighted to announce that they have been awarded a large grant from The Big Lottery Fund and a grant from Ferry Farm Community Fund for their project ‘ Out of the Ashes’

This project relates directly to the horrendous Fire at the Academy in August 2016

During that fire many archives were lost and the aim of this project is to retrace with the help of present and past staff and students the memories, narratives and photographs from the last 50 years of the Academy. There are 2 parts to the project:

  • The first part will be an online exhibition of stories and photographs that will be exhibited on a specific ‘Out of the Ashes ‘ Face Book page. Members of the Academy community will be asked to send information to the FaceBook page. Linked to this there will be writing and art  workshops, and the scanning of images etc in community events. There  will be competitions for present students to share their thoughts and feelings about the Fire whilst developing a range of writing and digital skills.  People who do not have Face Book will have the opportunity of in-putting  their material in a different format at  the community meetings
  • The second part of the project will involve a professional artist taking some of the narratives and stories, as stimulus for a large scale art work entitled ‘Out of the Ashes’ that will be exhibited and have pride of place in the ‘New Academy’ The  final work will be able to be downloaded for personal use and prints of ‘ Out of the Ashes ‘ will be displayed in for example the Selsey Town Hall and the Library so everyone can take ‘ownership’ of the project

We are delighted to say that Pamela Howard OBE has agreed to be the artist on this project. She lives in Selsey and has had close links with the Academy on other projects and events. She has an international profile, and her work is highly applauded throughout the world. She will be attending community events and sharing drawings and preparation work with the community.

So we need to hear from you !

  • Were you  part of the Academy Selsey in any context over the last 50 years
  • Have you got some fun exciting stories to tell maybe about a Prom, or a science exhibition, maybe about a trip to America, or a great sports day, or anything that evokes a specific memory for you. The more special the better !
  • Have you kept photographs of yourself and your friends from past times ?
  • How did you feel about the Fire ?

    We would love to hear from you.

We hope the final outcome of the project will be an important social document for Selsey and become part of Selsey’s cultural heritage and a memory of a past time and ultimately evoke:

'That Art can rise like a Phoenix ‘Out of the Ashes ‘


Chris Butler Director of Arts Dream Selsey